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Welcome to my website!

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About Me!

My name is Athens! I use they/them pronouns, and also go by the name "highspeed". I'm a certified pirate, TTRPG and TCG/CCG enthousiast, and an a tech head. I have enumerable other hobbies; like knitting, crochet, programming, model airplains, flying (im taking flying lessons), etc. This website infact, which i coded myself, is a sort of hobby. I'll probably never use html in the real world...

Games I love!

These are a few of the games I play regularly! I'd love to add more friends for any of them but please contact me and let me know if you send a request!

  • Valorant - Highspeed#8086
  • CS:GO - 345988767 (steam friend code)
  • Animal Crossing -

My Interests!

  • technology
  • ttrpg
  • communism
  • tcg/ccg

My Socials!